Mexico's General Information


Official name.           Spanish : Estados Unidos Mexicanos.

English : United Mexican States

Popular name México.

Localization Located in North America,

sharing borders  with USA at North (3000 km aprox.),

The Pacific Ocean at the West, the Gulf

of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea at East

and  with Guatemala and Belize to the South.

Population 112,322,757 (2010).

Territorial area 1,958.201 sq km  ( 756,066 sq ml).

Political division Consist of 31 autonomous States and a Federal District:

Aguascalientes                     Guerrero                          Quintana Roo

B. California                           Hidalgo                            S. L. Potosí

B. California Sur                    Jalisco                              Sinaloa

Campeche                               México                            Sonora

Coahuila                                 Michoacán                     Tabasco

Colima                                    Morelos                           Tamaulipas

Chiapas                                  Nayarit                            Tlaxcala

Chihuahua                             Nuevo Leon                   Veracruz

Distrito Federal                     Oaxaca                            Yucatán

Durango                                 Puebla                            Zacatecas

Guanajuato                          Querétaro


Religion: No official religion. 90 % Catholics aprox.

Capital: Mexico City (México D.F.)  (20 million inhabitant aprox.)

Other cities: Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla, Querétaro.

Official Language: Spanish. Various languages spoken by the

Indigenous population.

Currency: Mexican Peso (15.80 pesos = 1.00 Euro,  April 2013) Banxico

Tourist visitors: 21.5 million annually.

Main tourist destinations: Acapulco, Cancún, Cozumel, Manzanillo, Los Cabos, Mazatlán, Veracruz, México, City, Oaxaca and a wide range of pre-Columbine sites and colonial buldings.