The Economic Affairs Division of the Mexican Embassy in Israel provides advice and support to those Mexican companies seeking to export their products and/or services to Israel, as well as to Israeli companies interested in producing and market their products and/or services in Mexico.

Israel represents a strategic market for Mexico because, despite the small size of its population, it enjoys high purchasing power. According to data from the Ministry of Economy (SE), in 2020, Israel was Mexico's 45th trading partner worldwide and 1st among the Middle East countries.

The Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and Israel, about to be updated, opens up new perspectives and opportunities for trade and investment, as well as for political dialogue and scientific and technical cooperation. The FTA between Mexico and Israel boosted bilateral trade between 1999 (the year before the entry into force of said instrument) and 2020 grew 304.2%, going from $210.6 million to $851.0 million. Exports rose 403.5% in that period, going from $37.9 million to $190.6 million, while imports rose by 282.4%, going from $172.7 million to $660.4 million.

Mexican companies interested in exporting to Israel receive advice from the Economic Affairs Division of the Mexican Embassy in Israel on the following export-related issues, among others:

  • Details of the Israeli market
  • Available business opportunities
  • Applicable regulations
  • Information on international conferences and trade fairs by sector
  • Providing contacts with chambers of commerce
  • Providing contacts with importers
  • Making specific contacts where applicable
  • Trade missions support

To answer your query, we would be very grateful if you could provide us with additional detailed information about the products you are interested in promoting through the export and import opportunities form.

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