In response to geographic and climatic challenges, Israel has become a world leader in water resource management. Currently, Israel recycles approximately 80% of its wastewater for irrigation through a system of 120 treatment plants; among which the facilities in Haifa (37 million cubic meters per year), Jerusalem-Sorek (23 million cubic meters per year), and Dan-Shafdan (120 million cubic meters per year) stand out.

In 2018, the delegation chaired by the governor of Aguascalientes visited the Dan-Shafdan treatment plant. Two Israeli companies in this sector, Aqwise, and ODIS Filtering have representative offices in Mexico.


Likewise, Israel has developed desalination plants to make seawater drinkable. There are currently 5 plants of this type, which provide 65% of the drinking water in the country. Among the companies active in this field are Desalitech, which joined Veolia in 2014 to introduce this type of technology to Mexico.

Water management and water use optimization

To optimize the use of hydraulic resources in agriculture, different companies have developed precision risk systems, including drip irrigation. In this context, the recent acquisition of the leading Israeli company in the field, Netafim, by the Mexican conglomerate Orbia stands out. Other companies have developed solutions to reduce losses caused by leaks in distribution systems. The Takadu company, for example, offers a sensor system that detects leaks in municipal pipes, to reduce water waste.

Relevant technology companies in the sector

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