The Embassy of Mexico in Israel is honored to collaborate closely with the MX Global Network - Israel. The MX Global Network - Israel brings together an outstanding group of Mexican men and women in Israel who, on a voluntary and non-profit basis, carry out several projects and initiatives to put their professional and academic qualifications at the service of the development of Mexico and its insertion in the knowledge economy. In the following paragraphs, we will share information about significant events that we will develop in collaboration.

Coordination meeting with the Board of Directors of the MX Global Network - Israel, July 2021


The MX Global Network ("Red Global MX") Israeli Chapter is a professional community of highly qualified Mexicans whose mission is to build bridges of multi-way interaction that facilitate doing business, develop technology and promote Mexico in Israel.

The Israeli Chapter´s MX Global Network has the following objectives:

  • Create and facilitate opportunities for Mexicans and those people with a great affinity for Mexico, to contribute to scientific, educational, commercial, and cultural projects that increase understanding between Israel and Mexico.
  • Promote and encourage the creation of bonding contacts between Mexicans living in Israel and their counterparts in Mexico to exchange experiences and new ideas.
  • Encourage the insertion of Mexico into the global knowledge economy through the synergies created between Israelis, Mexicans, and Mexicans living abroad.
  • Facilitate the generation of high added value projects in areas that promote global innovation.
  • Encourage the contributions of the Mexican community to Israel and Mexico.
  • Promote activities that enhance the prestige and reputation of Mexico and Israel at the international level.

Mrs. Alejandra Castellanos Bar Av serves as the current president of the Israeli Chapter´s MX Global Network.

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