Due to its political context, as well as the close collaboration between the public and private sectors, Israel ranks highly globally in the fields of security and cybersecurity; including, in addition to the manufacture of weapons and combat aircraft, satellites, drones, and various surveillance tools.

During the last three decades, the State of Israel has maintained an important leadership in cybersecurity innovation, as well as the ability to develop innovative solutions to the emergence of new cyber threats. This experience is reflected in the constant and accelerating flow of venture capital funds in the Israeli cybersecurity industry, which accounted for 15-20% of global private investments in cybersecurity in 2019 ($114 million).

The government is actively involved in the development of the cybersecurity sector, with active participation from the private sector and academia. In 2019, the cybersecurity ecosystem in Beersheba was inaugurated, to bring together multinationals, startups, venture capital, the academy, and intelligence units of the Israeli army. In addition, the Israeli Innovation Authority offers scholarships to support research and development programs in cyber defense technology, along with the establishment of technology innovation laboratories specifically focused on this sector.

Currently, there are 400 cybersecurity companies registered in Israel, of which 35 generate revenue of more than $10 million per year. Thirty of them already operate in Mexico, mainly providing services to the energy and financial sectors, either through distributors or through branches in our country. Various Israeli cybersecurity companies provide services to governments, including Toka Cyber, InElint, and Cygov. The Elbit and MER companies have Mexican subsidiaries.

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