The global automotive industry is undergoing a major transition to high technology and each year vehicles contain more sophisticated elements of information technology and sensors. Over the past few years, Israel has become a leading research and development center for the automotive sector, noted for advances in the areas of autonomous driving and connected vehicles. Volkswagen, General Motors, and Ford, among other large multinationals, have already opened their R&D centers in Israel to identify talents and new technologies and collaborate with local startups.

Although Israel does not manufacture vehicles on a large scale, it has become a global laboratory for autonomous and intelligent transportation. The Israeli automotive industry is made up of veteran companies that specialize in Tier 1, 2, and 3 vehicle assembly and supply, engaged in traditional and advanced manufacturing processes, and companies that specialize in innovation, advanced technologies, and facilitation of manufacturing processes. Israeli automotive companies, originally established to support, among others, the security and aviation industries, have successfully adapted relevant technologies that were used for military and civilian use and became a prominent technology destination for global companies in the field, becoming leaders in the field of autonomous vehicle technologies. Israel's leadership in transportation management systems, computer vision, sound system control, gesture recognition, cybersecurity, location-based services, big data and more, makes the driving experience smarter, faster, safer, and more energy-efficient.

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