MX Global Network 



The MX Global Network ("Red Global MX") brings together a large group of Mexican women and men abroad interested in using their professional and academic qualifications, on a voluntary and non-profit basis, to serve the development of Mexico and its integration into the knowledge economy. The MX Global Network is made up of local Chapters with autonomy of management and action and has a significant presence globally and in Europe in particular.

In order to support these efforts, the Mission of Mexico to the European Union and supported and hosted the Regional Meeting in Europe of the MX Global Network, on November 1 and 2, 2019, whose framework theme was "The Mexican professional diaspora in Europe: build a new scientific and cultural diplomacy in favor and for Mexico” (“La diáspora profesional mexicana en Europa: construyendo una nueva diplomacia científica y cultural en pro y para México”).

The meeting provided a platform for dialogue between the twenty-one chapters of the Network's European region and a significant group of relevant actors - including the Executive Directorate of Cultural Diplomacy of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Council of Science. and Technology (CONACYT), as well as the National Network of Councils and State Organizations of Science and Technology (REDNACECYT) -, around four thematic axes: the strengthening of the MX World Network; the new cultural diplomacy; innovation, science and technology; and gender equality.

In accordance with the objective of maximum inclusion and participation in the Meeting, the plenary sessions, working tables and exchanges were broadcasted live on the social networks of this diplomatic mission, which allowed their widest dissemination and valuable interaction with the Mexican community in Europe.