How to get a Power of Attorney to be used in Mexico?


Do you want to have a power of attorney, so a third person in Mexico can perform certain procedures on behalf of you? 

There are two kind of POA's:

◊ General: This POA can be either for LAWSUITS AND COLLECTIONS; ADMINISTRATIVE ACTS; ACTS OF OWNERSHIP or for the three of them.

General powers can be limited, which allows the representant to perform certain activities related to a specific procedure. Example: A power of attorney for ownership acts, limited to the selling of a property located in Mérida, Yuactán. 

◊ Special: This POA specifies the procedure to be performed by the representative.

IMPORTAN: If you are requesting a POA for ownership acts or administrative acts, a marriage certificate shall be presented in case you are married.  


Steps to be followed for a POA request:

Send the following information via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. Application form Download it here (Spanish only)
  2. Document in .word format with the purpose of the POA, limitation, validity etc. 
  3. Valid passport.
  4. If married, marriage certificate in case the requested POA is for ownership acts or administrative acts.
  5. Proof of address (invocie or personbevis)
  6. Copy of the identification of the representative in Mexico.
  7. If you do not speak Spanish, please designate a trusted-person to be your translator and send copy of his/her passport, along with the following information: civil status, ocupation, address and phone number. (The translator shall be present during the appointment) 

Once you gather and send all the documents, we will reach you to book an apointment. After that, we will prepare a preview of the document and send it to you to be reviewed.

POA's are delivered the next day.