Invitation letter

a) Invitation letter from a friend:

The notarized letter must state your name and nationality, the name of the person who invited you, the address and phone number of this person, details of the activity in Mexico, as well as the estimated duration or dates of your stay. A copy of the official ID with a signature and photograph of the person signing the letter will be required.

b) Work letter from an organization or public/private institution. The content of the letter must include:

  • Complete name of applicant and nationality
  • Name of the organization/public or private institution
  • Complete address and contact details of the organization/public or private institution
  • Information on the activity or project in which the applicant will participate in Mexico
  • The estimated duration of stay in Mexico or approximate date of completion
  • It must specify that the visitor is not carrying out any paid activities in Mexico.
  • Copy of an official identification of the person who signs the invitation letter.

c) Original of the letter of acceptance from the institution where the applicant intends to study. This letter MUST include:

  • Full name of the applicant.
  • Level, degree, and area of study that will be pursued.
  • Name of the course to which the applicant has been accepted.
  • Start and end dates of the course.
  • Cost of school fees/tuition, specifying clearly if the tuition will be waived or if there will be any financial assistance offered.
  • Contact information for the educational institution.