MEXICO CITY, 10th January 2017. - The Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Luis Videgaray Caso, stated that Mexico must strengthen its presence in Europe as an strategic country, a trustworthy partner and an allied in the broad range of subjects of the international agenda.

During the inauguration of the XXVIII Annual Meeting of Ambassadors and Consuls "REC 2017", the new Secretary of Foreign Affairs endorsed as a priority the conclusion of the negotiation that will update the global agreement Mexico-EU, which will strengthen the cooperation in crucial sectors for national development such as energy, the labour market, health, education, technology and innovation.

In the presence of Ambassadors, Consuls and Permanent Representatives of Mexico, as well as members of the Mexican Foreign Service, civil servants and special guests, the Secretary said that following the instructions of the President, this is the most appropriate and necessary moment for the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE, for its acronym in Spanish), to enterprise, conduct and implement a proactive and creative foreign policy.

The Secretary instructed the Ambassadors and Consuls, as representatives of Mexico, to be a true voice which conveys the potential of our country. He was clear in the Foreign Secretariat’s willingness to listen, cooperate and improve relations as well as to show Mexico as what it is: a global, pacifist and supportive actor, committed to the respect of international law and the noblest causes in the world.

In 2017, he said, Mexico will continue to be a voice promoting the best causes of humanity, including respect for human rights, combating climate change, the creation of a new global governance on migration and refugees and a new legal instrument for the prohibition of nuclear weapons, as well as the deployment of our armed forces in peacekeeping operations and in the Peace Mission in Colombia.

As it can be seen in the following video, Secretary Videgaray highlighted the protection of the interests of Mexicans as a priority of Mexico's foreign policy for this year.

He said that facing a new era in the relationship with the United States of America, "Mexico will act as it has done during its diplomatic history, with dignity and intelligence, opening doors for dialogue and negotiation to defend the interests of Mexico and the Mexicans.”

"Mexico will negotiate as it has always been, as it is and will continue to be, a fully sovereign nation." For this, he instructed the Ambassadors and Consuls to promote the various issues of the bilateral relationship without fear, with security and aware of the importance that our country has for our North American neighbours.

To Mexicans working in the United States of America and to Mexicans whose jobs are linked to the Free Trade Agreement, Secretary Videgaray assured that "we will have to defend and protect them with energy, courage and vigour", since the millions of Mexicans who have emigrated to the United States "are not criminals, but productive people who represent, in most cases, the best of Mexico."

The Ambassadors and Consuls Meeting is being held from 9th – 11th January in the headquarters of SRE and will feature keynote lectures of the Secretaries of National Defence; of Navy; of the Interior; Finance and Public Credit, and Economy, as well as entrepreneurs and other international actors from the political, social, academic areas as well as think-tanks.