LONDON, United Kingdom, 15th September 2015.- The Secretariat of Navy in Mexico (SEMAR) not only guarantees national sovereignty, but also protects trade and commerce, and within its legal attributions, prevents crime, drug traffic and piracy.

As it was exposed by Admiral Carlos Ortega, Alternate Permanent Representative of Mexican Navy to International Maritime Organization (IMO), participating as panellist in a conference, in the framework of the exhibition of the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI), which is celebrated every two years.

In this conferences, security representatives of different countries exchange points of view about security issues such as current and future challenges of the Defence and Security sectors, as well as the role of the new military powers and the new maritime strategies in order to promote security and trade.

Admiral Ortega referred that the Secretariat of Navy of Mexico had to adequate and transform its basic naval war-fighting capabilities to safeguard the national interest, actively playing a role in the combat of terrorism, arms, drugs and human trafficking, which traditionally were exclusively assigned to police corps.

The representative of (SEMAR) expressed that it represents a mighty muscle and intelligence integrator to the new threats in support of internal and national security law enforcement authorities