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Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Mexico in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Through this service, you can get updates on the various documentation services, promotion and protection offered by this representation, with jurisdiction in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Guinea, Guinea Equatorial, Niger, Nigeria, Togo and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Also, through this site you can have direct access to various information about Mexico: Basic Facts, Symbols, patriotic, Maps, Federal Government (Executive, Legislative and Judicial), State Governments and Political Parties, Law, Economics and Trade, including a calendar of trade fairs and events, statistics, media (newspapers, magazines, radio and television), Education and Scholarship, Culture, National days, traditional celebrations and History, Tourism, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Mexico for Kids.

The Embassy of Mexico is in Number 2409, Deng Xiaoping Street, Asokoro District, in the Nigerian Capital, Abuja and it is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 hours. The phones and e-mails of the Embassy officials are in the "Directory".

In addition to political dialogue and negotiation diplomacy, the Embassy carries out various actions that fall under three broad areas :


  • Mexican passports
  • Issuing permits for foreigners into Mexico and, where appropriate, endorse passports, under the terms of the General Population Act, the Regulations and in accordance with regulations to this effect issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, in the case of ordinary visas and courtesy cards as diplomatic visa, official and service.
  • Assistant to the Secretary of Defense on the issue of National Service Booklets
  • Collate public or private documents in original; have to look at and certify copies thereof.
  • Legalize signatures and / or seals of foreign public documents issued by authorities in their constituency.
  • Exercising the functions of the Civil Registry in terms of the Civil Code and develop Civil Registration Records concerning the birth, marriage and death of Mexicans and issuing certified copies thereof.
  • Perform notarial functions and issuing certifications conferred by the National legislation. Keeping track of Mexicans living in their constituency.
  • Assistant to the Secretary of Interior, in accordance with instructions received through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the allocation of the Single Population Registry to Mexicans abroad.
  • Advice and guide to Mexicans regarding its relations with the authorities, living with local people, their rights and obligations to the foreign state of their district, and their ties and obligations to Mexico.
  • Promote the program objectives constituency for Mexican Communities Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Consolidate a consular documentation service that is fast, efficient and courteous, with strict adherence to the rules.


  • To promote and safeguard National interests in the constituency.
  • Protect, in accordance with the principles and norms of international law, the dignity and the rights of Mexicans in their constituency, and perform the actions to meet their legitimate claims.
  • Maintaining and developing relationships in the district between Mexico and Nigeria (and countries concurrency) and intervene in all aspects of such links within the competence of the Mexican state.
  • Ensure in the constituency for the prestige of Mexico in Nigeria.
  • Increase effective response capacity protection services, with emphasis on preventive aspects.
  • Integrate template consultants lawyers for the Mexican Embassy in Nigeria.
  • Maintain contact with detention centers, prisons, hospitals, medical institutions and centers of the migration constituency to identify and monitor protection cases involving Mexican nationals.
  • Venting the proceedings upon them under judicial authorities of the Mexican Republic, exercising functions judicial assistance, under applicable law, that will performing the steps requested by courts, prosecutors and other authorities of the Federation of State and Municipal Republic.
  • Serve as conduit for the competent authorities of the district rogatory letters, exhortations and other actions directed them to Mexican authorities, following the instructions thereon to transmit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, within the limits prescribed by law International, subject to the provisions of the laws of the receiving State

Promotion and Cooperation:

  • Promote knowledge in the constituency of the national culture and expand Mexico's presence in Nigeria and countries in attendance.
  • Gather information on the constituency that may be of interest to Mexico and spread in itself that contributes to a better knowledge and understanding of the Mexican reality.
  • Strengthen channels of dialogue and cooperation with the authorities and areas related groups consular, immigration, tourism, commercial, educational, cultural and scientific and technical cooperation in the constituency, institutionalizing regular workshops.
  • Identify and promote business opportunities arising in Mexico and in the constituency, to promote bilateral trade, investment, joint ventures and strategic alliances.
  • Consolidate, on a regular basis, information campaigns and guidance to the public, government, travel agencies, tour operators and airlines of the constituency, on the immigration requirements, customs and health of Mexico, as well as documentation and services protection provided by the Consular Section of the Embassy, ​​and to promote Mexico as a tourist destination.
  • Provide support for the participation of officials, personalities and Mexican specialists in meetings, conferences and other international activities carried out in the district.
  • Attend conferences, seminars, meetings and other activities in the district that are of interest to Mexico.
  • Address, as appropriate, requests for information of a consular, commercial, economic, tourist and / or cooperative education, cultural, technical and scientific.




The data provided by this means are not binding and are for reference purposes, so the Foreign Secretary assumes no responsibility for the information contained herein. Since the conditions of services may change frequently, users are advised to personally contact the Embassy and / or Consulate respective to make sure this information is accurate before making any transaction.