During the 30th annual meeting of ambassadors and consuls (REC2019), Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard and Economy Secretary Graciela Márquez signed a collaboration agreement to promote exports and attract foreign direct investment.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has instructed his cabinet to prioritize  the promotion and growth of the Mexican export sector—especially that of its micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses—and attract investments that create good-quality jobs and boost Mexico's economic activity.

The agreement signed between the Foreign and Economy Ministries provides a framework for Mexico's global economic promotion strategy that optimizes resources and prioritizes the integration of Mexican companies--especially MSMEs--into global value chains, while increasing national content in exports. The collaboration will contribute to a more rational use of resources and enhance their impact. 

Under the agreement, an annual work plan will be drawn up and members of the Mexican Foreign Service appointed to promote Mexico's economy and trade in key embassies and consulates.

There will be training seminars for those responsible for economic and trade promotion, and the two ministries will use digital platforms to exchange information on business opportunities found by the embassies, consulates and the ministries themselves. Lastly, the economic missions of the federal, state and local governments will receive support, as will business and industry organizations that require it.

The Mexican government reiterates its commitment to a new model of integration into the global economy that improves the wellbeing of all Mexicans