Tuesday 09.09.14| Mexico City | Press Release 393

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) reports that the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Canada-Mexico Partnership (CMP) concluded today in the city of Calgary, Canada; the CMP is a mechanism with public-private participation that promotes specific cooperation actions between the two countries.

The national co-chairs from Mexico, Sergio Alcocer, Undersecretary for North America; and from Canada, David Morrison, Deputy Minister for the Americas, coordinated dialogue with an emphasis on promoting –at the tenth anniversary of the existence of this mechanism– a reengineering of the partnership in order to stimulate new synergies in the cross-cutting work of the groups and kindle the interest of the two countries in deepening bilateral relations as a whole.

The primary measures agreed upon to reinvigorate the operation of the CMP include the creation of an executive committee, which will meet periodically to assess each working group’s progress and make recommendations aimed at enhancing the efficiency of their functions in order to benefit the societies of both countries.

The concept of cross-cutting themes among different working groups was also included, which allows for establishing collaborative actions among them, in addition to seeking funding for the development of specific projects.

Furthermore, as part of this new structure, the group on trade, investment and innovation incorporated infrastructure and tourism issues, in order to reflect areas that are key to making North America a more dynamic and competitive region.

The human capital group will seek to expand its work by integrating research and innovation. Groups such as forests and the environment shared best practices and models of synergies with other processes such as the North American Leaders’ Summit. As part of the actions on biodiversity and conservation, the group’s members highlighted the trilateral action plan through which the three nations are working to protect the monarch butterfly.

As for the agribusiness group, participants agreed to formulate proposals that involve sectors from the sphere of labour mobility, infrastructure and transport.

The labour mobility group expressed its commitment to collaboration between the two countries, through the Embassy of Mexico and the five Mexican consulates in Canada, in order to ensure respect for the rights and safety of Mexican workers in their workplace and compliance with the requirements of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and Canada’s International Mobility Program. This includes consular notification and exchange of information.

In the area of sustainable urban development and housing, participants agreed to work on housing models for low-income populations and indigenous peoples. Energy was the main theme of the tenth CMP Meeting.

The group’s work reflected the impact of the energy sector on the actions proposed within the partnership. Participants also agreed on the importance of promoting training in the various areas of energy and regulation.

Undersecretary Alcocer and Deputy Minister Morrison welcomed the extensive participation of relevant stakeholders from Mexico and Canada from the business and academic sectors, representatives of the Canadian provinces and Mexican states, as well as civil society.

They also urged the co-chairs of the working groups to ensure communication among them in order to identify potential areas of collaboration, increase visibility of the mechanism, and maintain a consistent level of interaction during the year with a view to the next annual meeting to be held in Mexico in 2015.