10 JUNE 2014

• Mexico’s Secretary of Labour agreed with his Canadian counterpart on the need to continue building the labour chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Mexico’s Secretary of Labour and Social Welfare, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, held a bilateral meeting with Canada’s Minister of Labour, Kellie Leitch, in the context of their working visit to Geneva, Switzerland, where the 103rd Session of the International Labour Conference is being held.
During the bilateral meeting with Canada, the head of the STPS and Minister Kellie Lietch agreed on the need to continue building the labour chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  They also agreed to continue collaborating in the context of the NAALC, where cooperation will guide future actions among the US, Mexico and Canada.
In commenting on the experience of the Canada-Mexico Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program, Minister Leitch said it is a mechanism through which significant results have been produced, so program operations will continue to strengthen.
Secretary Navarrete Prida indicated that in order to give greater continuity to SAWP operations and consolidate bilateral relations to result in greater protection for migrants, the STPS will open a new representative office in Canada.
The two officials agreed to further strengthen the ties of joint cooperation and expressed their interest in meeting again in Mexico.

Press Release based on Informative Bulletin 243 of the STPS.