Ottawa, Canada, May 14, 2014

Today the Ambassador of Mexico, Francisco Suárez Dávila, participated as a speaker in the seminar entitled “The Future of North American Competitiveness”, organized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The forum, inaugurated by Canada’s Minister of International Trade, Edward Fast, was devoted to examining the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in light of the twentieth anniversary of its entry into force.  

The Ambassador participated in the "Trade in North America" panel, along with the President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Perrin Beatty, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, Tom Donohue. During his speech Ambassador Suárez mentioned that to have a more competitive North America we need to increase cooperation on energy, reduce regulatory barriers, invest in infrastructure, expand financing for small and medium enterprises, and deepen technical, scientific and academic cooperation among the three countries. The two additional panels of the forum focussed on the competitive advantages of the North American region and how to increase the efficiency of supply chains.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the country’s largest and most important business association. For further information on the event, please visit the following website: http://www.chamber.ca/events/trade-day-2014/