Press Release
Embassy of Mexico in Canada

Ottawa, Canada, March 3, 2014

The Ambassador of Mexico in Canada, Francisco Suárez Dávila, attended the ceremony in which Dr. Ramón Peralta y Fabi took office as the new Director of the Extension School of the UNAM in Canada. Present at the event were the outgoing Director, Dr. Federico Fernández Christlieb, who will be heading the Extension School of the UNAM in Paris, France, and Dr. Roberto Castañón Romo, Director of the UNAM’s Learning Centre for Foreigners in Mexico.

Dr. Peralta y Fabi, who holds a doctorate in Physics, served as Director of the Faculty of Science at the UNAM. He has chaired the Mexican Society of Physics, edited four books, and worked as a professor and guest speaker in Mexico and abroad.

UNAM Canada was founded in 1995 in Gatineau, Quebec. Its primary functions include teaching courses in Spanish, English and French, subjects such as Mexican and Latin American culture, serving as a site for conferences, round tables, book presentations, colloquia, painting and photography exhibitions, concerts, theatre and dance performances and regular film screenings, as well as providing liaison between Canadian universities and the UNAM to promote academic exchanges and joint research projects.

The Embassy works closely with UNAM Canada to promote Mexico’s culture and image. An example of this collaboration was the inauguration this past January of the exhibit José María Velasco: visions of the Anáhuac, which is currently open to the public.

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