All visas are processed at the Mexican Embassy in Bucharest (Str. Herastrau 18, sector 1, Bucharest, Romania, tel: +4 021 210 47 28 or +4 021 210 45 77). The physical presence of the applicant at the Embassy is an absolute requirement for the biometric process and interview.

On the scheduled date and time of your interview appointment you must present:

  1. Visa application form - Click here (print on both sides)
  2. Current passport with a minimum validity left of six months.
  3. One passport size photograph with white background and visible facial traits (i.e. hair not covering the face).
  4. Proof of legal stay in Romania (Visa, Residence card, passport with Romanian immigration entry stamp) in case the applicant holds another nationality.
  5. ONE of the following supporting documents: either


  1. a) Ownership of real state property in your country of residence for a minimum of two years and a letter of your employer stating that you have been working for that particular company for a minimum of two years.


  1. b) Ownership of real state property in your country of residence for a minimum of two years and an official document stating the ownership or your participation in a business/company for at least two years.

Proof of financial situation:

a) Original work letter expressing salary and period working at the company (at least one year), if you are a family member, a letter from the person (sponsor) who supports you economically, provided that you are a family dependent, which must be proved with e.g. certificate of birth or certificate of marriage. In case of family dependent, it is also required sponsor's passport photocopies of the pages containing holder's photograph and personal details or proof of scholarship.


b) Original and a photocopy of any of these documents: the last three month pay slips, the last three current account statements in which your salary is transferred or the last three months saving account statements, from the applicant or from the person who supports you economically if you are a family dependent.


c) In the case of foreigners who study regularly in higher education institutions, they must present original proof of studies and original proof of stable employment, pension or scholarship with monthly income equivalent to 60 days of minimum salary during the last three months.

IMPORTANT: Documents that are not in either Spanish or English need to be accompanied by a certified translation into Spanish. Furthermore, any official documents that are not issued by Romanian authorities need to be legalized/apostilled.

  1. Payment of consular fees (44$) made in cash and the exact amount, payable to the Mexican Consulate. A receipt will be issued accordingly. The payment will NOT be refunded if the visa application is rejected.

Processing time: One hour after handing in the aforementioned documentation, in a complete and satisfactory manner.

Procedure: The person interested must send an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) requesting an appointment for a tourist visa, for a period that does not exceed 180 days, giving us 3 options of the date for the visa interview.  

A consular officer will interview you, if the consular interview is satisfactory, the visa could be issued on the spot. For cases that need data verification or submission of further documentation, the processing period could take up to 10 working days. Therefore, it is important to plan your trip taking into consideration this waiting period.

The applicant is responsible to bring all required original civil documents, and photocopies of the original civil documents, to the visa interview. Failure to bring all required original civil documents and the photocopies to the interview may cause delay or denial of the visa.


  • We strongly advise NOT to make any travel arrangements until a decision on your visa has been made. The embassy will not take any responsibility for any plane tickets purchased before your visa has been approved.
  • Having a Mexican visa gives the possibility to travel to the country, but the entry to Mexican territory is subject to the final decision of the Immigration and Health Authorities in the country.