Technical visitor VISA

According to Mexican Immigration Law, Romanian nationals who are going to undertake the following “Activities Non-Remunerated” in Mexico for less than six months are exempt from Visa: the beginning or execution of an investment project, to give technical or professional advice to public or private institutions, lectures, courses or training of staff, to perform an audit, repair or install machinery and software, to design or start the operation of a plant agreed previously on contracts, or to give services agreed on transfer’s contracts of technology, patents or marks. Simply they must fill in a FMM migration form (landing card) obtained on the airplane or at the port of entry in Mexico and declare the purpose of their visit.

Romanian nationals who are going to undertake “Activities Non-Remunerated” for more than six months: the company must request the Consulate to issue a “Temporary Resident Visa” (Residente Temporal). This is a single entry Visa and will allow the applicants to enter to the country to exchange it for a Temporary Resident Card within 30 days upon their arrival at the nearest migration office (INM). The temporary resident card will be valid for one year and multiple entries.

Requirements for a Temporary Resident Visa (Residente Temporal):

  • A valid passport and photocopy of the pages where the personal details and holder's photograph are found.
  • Visa application - Click here (print on both sides).
  • One passport size photograph (it must be in color, with the face clearly visible without glasses, white background, and be taken within the last month).
  • Original responsive letter from an organization or a public or private institution that invites the foreigner to participate in a non-lucrative activity in Mexico The letter should contain the following information:
  1. Applicant's full name and nationality;
  2. The corporate name of the organization;
  3. Official registration number;
  4. Purpose of the organization or private institution;
  5. Full address and contact details of the organization or private institution;
  6. Information on the activities that the applicants will do within the organization or private institution. The documents that prove that the applicant has the experience, ability, skills, or knowledge necessary to fulfill the activity for which he or she was invited, in original and copy.
  7. Starting and completion date;
  8. The written commitment that the organization or private institution will cover the maintenance fees during the person’s stay in Mexico and their return to their country of origin, and
  9. i.Copy of the official identification with signature and photograph of the person that subscribes the letter.

If the inviting organization will cover the applicant’s living expenses, proof of economic solvency from the inviting organization or institution. Original and copy of bank statements from the inviting organization/institution showing a monthly average amount of at least 10,000 minimum daily wages in Mexico City, on each and every month of the last twelve months. 

If the inviting institution will not cover the applicant’s living expenses, proof of economic solvency from the applicant, either by:

♦Bank or financial statements showing an average monthly balance of 5,000 minimum daily wages in Mexico City in savings or investments for each and every single month over the past twelve months, counting backward from the application lodgement date. The statements must be stamped by the issuing bank/financial institution and show the monthly balance of each and every month. If the statements are issued by a bank or financial institution outside of Romania, you must include an official letter in English or Spanish from the issuing institution stating the equivalent of your savings/investments in euros, SUA dollars or Mexican Pesos and providing contact details of a representative that can confirm the validity of the statements.


♦Proof of regular, steady income for each and every single one of the past six months, counting backward from the application lodgement date, of 200 minimum daily wages in Mexico City. Income has to be substantiated by presenting payment slips that match the amounts indicated.

  • Payment of consular fees (44$) made in cash and the exact amount, payable to the Mexican Consulate. A receipt will be issued accordingly. The payment will NOT be refunded if the visa application is rejected.

Processing time: One hour after handing in the aforementioned documentation, in a complete and satisfactory manner.

Procedure: The person interested must send an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) requesting an appointment for a resident visa, with 3 options of the date for the visa interview.


  • If the company is not based in Romania, the letter must be legalized (apostilled).
  • The requirements shown above are the minimum requirements to apply for a visa. It is strongly advised that if you have further evidence to support your visa application, you carry it with you on the day of your appointment.
  • Presenting the minimum requirements of the visa application does not mean that the visa will be approved. Further information might be requested by the Consular agent in charge of processing your application.
  • We strongly advise NOT to make any travel arrangements until a decision on your visa has been made. The embassy will not take any responsibility for any plane tickets purchased before your visa has been approved.