In accordance with the "Law of General Import and Export Taxes", the introduction of the following products into the country is prohibited:


·         Firearms, except for hunting purposes, as long as the rules indicated in.

·         Live predatory fish in their fingerling, juvenile, and adult stage.

·         Thallium Sulfate

·         Totoaba, fresh or refrigerated (fish)

·         Insecticide (Isodrin, Aldrin, Heptachloro, Drinox, Endrin, Mendrino, Nendin, Hecadrin, or Leptofos)

·         Frozen Totoaba (Fish)

·         Turtle eggs of any kind

·         Poppy seeds (Opium Poppy)

·         Imide of N-phtalilglutamic acid (Thalidomide)

·         Poppy seed flour (Opium Poppy)

·         Marijuana (Cannabis Indica) seeds and spores, even when mixed with other seeds

·         Heroin, base, or Diacetylmorophine hydrochloride

·         Marijuana (Cannabis Indica)

·         Medicinal preparations based on marijuana (Cannabis Indica)

·         Opium juices and extracts prepared for smoking

·         Medical preparations based on acetylmorphine, its salts or derivatives.

·         Extracts and juices derived from marijuana (Cannabis Indica)

·         Turtle or Green Turtle skins

·         Mucilages and thickeners derived from marijuana (Cannabis Indica)

·         Stamps printed in colours or in black and white, presented for sale in envelopes or packets, even when they include chewing gum, candy, or any other type of articles, containing drawings, figures, or illustrations that portray childhood in a denigrating or ridiculous manner, in attitudes which incite violence, self-destruction, or any other type of anti-social behaviour, known as "Garbage Pail Kids", for example, printed by any company or commercial denominations.


·         The Ministry of Agriculture prohibits the following goods since they represent a great risk for the introduction of plagues and diseases: earth, straw, padded containers of hay, straw decorations without processing; homemade foods; flours of animal origin; fresh, dry, canned or frozen meat and meat products, such as smoky, salted and mature sausages that have been elaborated in countries under absolute quarantine (Europe, Africa, Asia and South America). For additional information please visit the website