LONDON, United Kingdom, 14th April 2016.- In the framework of the celebration of the London Book Fair, the book “Those Days of Rage” by the world-recognised Mexican academic Alejandro Madrigal was presented.

In presence of the Ambassador Diego Gomez-Pickering and the Editorial and Production Director of the Mexican Secretariat of Culture, Julio Trujillo, the author referred that the idea for this book came from the interest of compiling –in his first publication- some of his experiences as a doctor in México. Among the attendees who wanted to celebrate the presentation of this book were diplomats, academics, researchers and students.

Following the steps of magic realism but adding his own twist, the novel “Those Days of Rage”, describes the life of a fresh out of medical school young doctor, who goes to a small forgotten town in the middle of nowhere, to practice medicine with the best intentions to make a difference to the community.

“Those Days of Rage”, illustrated by the Mexican artist Rafael Gaytán Legorreta, is published by the Mexican Secretariat of Culture and the CIDCLI editorial, and will have another presentation on 19th April at the Cultural Centre Elena Garro in Mexico City and a second one at the Cancun Convention Centre.

Prof Alejandro Madrigal is an internationally respected and influential scientist in the field of stem cell transplantation, and histocompatibility and immunogenetics at The Anthony Nolan Trust and academic professor at University College London. In 2007 he received the Ohtli Award, granted by the Mexican government, because of his recognised achievements in the UK.