Removal of household goods


1 VISA to live or work in Mexico, issued by the Ministry of the Interior of Mexico or any Mexican Embassy or Consulate. 


2 Original and three photocopies of the household’s goods inventory in Spanish and typewritten. 

the inventory must contain the applicant´s address abroad, his/her address in Mexico and should be signed by applicant.


3 Electronic items must be described including the model, serial number and brand. 


4 If the residence in Mexico will be temporary, a letter of commitment to remove the goods from Mexico upon leaving the country, and to notify the immigration authorities in case of change of address in Mexico.


5 Proof of payment of applicable fee. Please contact the Consular Office to obtain the most updated fee. 



Note: If you arrive at the Consular Office without an appointment you may be turned away. An appointment for an interview may only be scheduled through the telephone line; or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.