1) Visa application

2) Copy of passport, including valid visas stamped on it

3) Copy of Residence permit from Switzerland or The Principality of Liechtenstein (only for foreigners) 

4) One color passport size picture (taken no more than 30 days prior to the application), head and forehead uncovered, without glasses, no accessories, white background.

5) Original letter of admission from the academic institution. The letter MUST COME FROM MEXICO and must contain ALL the following information:

• Applicant’s full name and nationality

• Prospective academic level of achievement and area of study

• Subjects where the applicant will be enrolled

• Starting date and ending date of the courses

• Tuition and fees associated

• Number of registry (RFC), full address and contact information from the academic institution

6) Supporting documents of financial independence:

I. Letter from the employer/company stating monthly income and for how long the applicant has worked in that company (must be signed and stamped). If the applicant is an independent worker, he/she must show the registry of his/her company in the chamber of commerce of the respective canton. 


II. Monthly salary slips from the last 3 months (must be signed and stamped) with a minimum salary of CHF 638.
III. Detailed monthly bank statements (with debits and credits) from the last 3 months with a monthly amount not less than CHF 6'374 (savings).
IV. ONLY FOR THIS TYPE OF VISA and applicants under 25 years old: Parents of the applicant can provide the above mentioned documents. In this case, applicants must include: 

a. Copy of birth certificate 
b. Copy of passports from both parents

7) Pay the visa fee on the day of the consular interview

Send ALL the above mentioned documents to the following address, via certified mail:

Embajada de México 
(Sección Consular) 
Weltpoststrasse 20, 5o piso 
CH-3015, Berna


After careful scrutiny of the documents, the Embassy will contact the applicant by email in order to make an appointment for an interview or to request further information. Therefore, it is very important to include your email in the application so the Embassy can contact you as soon as possible.


Having an appointment does NOT guarantee that the visa will be issued.