LONDON, United Kingdom, 20 February 2017. - The 104th anniversary of the Mexican Army and Air Force was commemorated in this capital city, in which it was formally recognised their key role to preserve peace, sovereignty and independence of Mexico.

In a ceremony celebrated on 17th February, at the Official Residence of the Government of Mexico, General Emilio Avendano García, Mexican Army and Air Force Attaché, recalled that both institutions not only guarantee national defence and sovereignty, but also participate actively in mechanisms to guarantee security at the interior and in different duties of social assistance, helping society in case of a natural disaster and in the combat against organised crime.

Before army, navy and diplomatic attachés from different countries, the representative of the Secretariat for National Defence (SEDENA, for its acronym is Spanish) detailed that in a near future Mexico will participate in the UN’s Peacekeeping Operations (PKO’s), in order to support countries which are in conflict or had recently been in, by creating necessary conditions for a long-lasting peace, through rebuilding actions, humanitarian and security support, knowing that Mexico’s participation had been as observers.

Likewise, General Avendano argued that during the more than 100 years of institutional life of the Mexican Army and Air Force, circumstances in Mexico and overseas had changed, since we are currently living in a world characterised by its complexity, ambiguity and the diversity of challenges in international security.

Therefore, those who belong to the Mexican Army and Air Force, feel proud to serve our country and collaborate with Mexico in the pursuit of international peace and security; a task that is carried out jointly with the Mexican Secretary of the Navy.

In the ceremony, which included a screening of a video with eloquent images on the role of the Mexican Army and Air Force in favour of the Mexicans, had also the participation of guests such as Rear Admiral Fidencio Vargas Dávila, Naval Attaché, and Admiral Victor Manuel Alarcon Daows, alternate permanent representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and Anibal Gomez, head of the Consular Section of the Mexican Embassy in the United Kingdom.