New Board Global Network MX Chapter United Kingdom


Last Wednesday, August 28th, on behalf of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Mexican Embassy in the United Kingdom and its Consular Section, the Chargé d'Affaires a.i. Aníbal Gómez Toledo thanked the work of Cynthia Vega, Leticia Cabral, Oscar Álvarez and Pablo Mendoza Villafuerte. They served as President, Vice President, Leader of academic initiatives and Secretary, respectively, in the outgoing board of the United Kingdom chapter of the Global Network MX.
He also took the opportunity to thank his impulse to the Mexican diaspora in the United Kingdom. Also, the Charge d'Affaires a.i. He took the opportunity to welcome and wish success to those who make up the new board of directors, composed of:

  • Omar Saenz Herrera, President
    Isabel Macias, Vice President
    Magaly Aceves, Leader of academic initiatives
    Enrique Gelista, Community Leader
    Edgar Payan, Creative Industries Leader
    Jackeline Palma, Marketing
    Anaily Castellanos, Charity of the Year
    Nintze Velazco, Liaison in Mexico
    Karla Quintana, Liaison in Mexico

The Global MX Network is the Network of Qualified Mexicans living abroad. The Global Mx Network brings together individuals interested in promoting the development of Mexico and in particular through the insertion of Mexico into the knowledge economy. Formed through local Chapters with the autonomy of management and action. All members of the Network Chapters are members of the Global Mx Network.

Attended from the Mexican Embassy in the United Kingdom, the Charge d'Affaires i.a., Aníbal Gómez Toledo, who was accompanied by the Chief of the Consular Section, Aida Velasco, and the Press and Media Attaché, Adrian Santos.