In recent weeks, Mexico has suffered large-scale natural disasters. Two earthquakes greater than 7 degrees on the Richter scale in only 12 days tested not only our preparation and infrastructure, but also our integrity and human quality. The first, on September 7th, caused a hundred deaths and affected thousands of people in the southwest of our country. The second, on September 19th, caused more than 320 victims and extensive material damage in the center of the Republic.

In light of these natural disasters, the international community immediately showed its support and Mexico gratefully accepts the help of all countries. Heads of State and Government from various countries in all regions of the world, local authorities and international organizations have sent messages of solidarity and expressed their willingness to support the affected population.

Since the beginning of the search and rescue operations, on the afternoon of September 19th, Mexico has had technical assistance from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) of teams that are part of the Disaster Coordination and Assessment (UNDAC) program, whose specific mandate is to provide advice and contribute to the coordination and management of information in emergencies.

To date, Mexico has received technical and material support from 23 countries, as well as from the UN and the European Union, which in total add up to 501 people, 32 canine units, as well as equipment and tons of humanitarian aid inputs. Our country is grateful to Argentina, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Spain, United States, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Panama, Peru, Republic of Korea, Russia, Holy See, Switzerland, Turkey and Venezuela.

At the same time, we also gratefully acknowledge the generous offers of support from Armenia, Australia, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Guatemala, Hungary, Italy, Kuwait, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Palestine, Paraguay, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and South Africa. To these countries, Mexico has defined the needs of Civil Protection, which include large tents, ecological bathrooms and kitchens and water purification plants, as well as support for the reconstruction phase.

The society, non-governmental organizations and companies that, through our embassies and consulates have expressed their condolences and shown their willingness to support, joined this noble cause in general. The Secretariat of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, in coordination with SAT-SHCP, has established a mechanism to accelerate the receipt of in-kind aid from abroad.

Mexico expresses its deep gratitude for the shown fraternity on the part of the international community and knows that it has sincere friends around the world.