Mexicans and foreigners who wish to visit Mexico by car, and enter beyond the border strip, must pass through screening by Customs and the National Migration Institute. Mexico’s border strip along the border with the United States, Guatemala and Belize extends 21 kilometres inside Mexican territory. It includes the entire territory of the states of Baja California and Quintana Roo.

Foreigners who enter Mexico by land must meet the migratory requirements and comply with the migratory formalities that correspond to the category under which they are requesting entrance (visitors, temporary residents or permanent residents). Admission is subject to approval by the migratory authorities at the point of entry.

As they pass through customs foreigners may use the lane for “nothing to declare” if the goods they are carrying do not exceed their personal luggage allowance. However, if travelling with additional items whose value exceeds the duty exemption amount, foreigners must pass through the “self-declaration” lane



In order to bring a foreign vehicle into Mexico, it is necessary to obtain a temporary import permit. The validity of this permit will correspond to the foreigner’s authorized length of stay, and must be obtained through BANJERCITO:

Importación Temporal de Vehículos



A temporarily imported vehicle cannot be sold in Mexico, and must invariably be removed once again from Mexican territory. This return is carried out by presenting the vehicle to Banjército personnel operating the CIITEV modules at exit customs points to obtain the return receipt, which must be kept.

Should the foreigner fail to follow the above return procedure, the vehicle must be presented at the border module to cancel the import permit.

If the vehicle return is not processed within the authorized period, the deposit will be cashed and the amount transferred to the Federal Treasury by the second banking day following the date of expiration of the temporary import permit, at the latest.

If the import permit is expired and the vehicle continues to circulate within Mexico, it may be impounded and the owner or driver fined.

Temporary import permits cannot be returned from abroad through Mexican Consulates.

Foreigners with a vehicle that has yet to be returned may not apply for a new import permit.