1.    Duly filled L1 Application Form. Download it from: http://embamex.sre.gob.mx/trinidadytobago/

2.    Valid passport, for at least 6 months from intended date of entry.

3.    Proof of permanent or temporary legal residence (visa and work permit) in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados or Suriname, will be necessary if you are not a citizen of one of those countries.

4.    One passport size photograph (minimum size 3.2 cm x 2.6 cm; maximum size 3.9 cm x 3.1 cm; white background, no eye glasses).

5.    Prove economic solvency with:


a) Letter from your bank or financial institution stating that you have investment funds or savings of at least 25,800 USD monthly average balance and provide the related bank statements for the last 12 months in which that amount is reflected.


The bank or financial institution letter must be original and include the applicant’s complete name, bank account number, monthly balance for the last 12 months and it has to be signed by the branch manager.


b) Original and copy of proof that you have employment or a pension with a monthly income of at least 2,000 USD during the las 6 months. In order to prove income, you can provide your payment stubs for the last six months or an original letter from your employer, addressed to the Embassy, stating your monthly salary and seniority. You can prove your monthly pension with the receipts for the last 6 months and a letter from Social Security stating the monthly amount you will be receiving and the related bank statements in which that amount is reflected.


If you have real estate in Mexico worth 200,000 USD you can also apply for a Temporary Residence Visa.


6.    Appointment required. Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 1:00pm. Please make your appointment at (868) 622-1422, ext. 229.

7.    Visa fee: US$36 payable in TTD (Please request exact amount in TTD prior to arriving at the Embassy).