Important information after obtaining a temporary or permanent resident visa

When entering Mexico through the intended places for international transit by land, sea and air, the foreigner that obtained a temporary or permanent residence visa must present his/her passport with the visa to the immigration officer, as well as the Multiple Migratory Format (FMM) duly filled. The FMM is provided on board the plane or can be obtained in the port of entrance to Mexico or in line in the following address:

All persons are obliged to provide the information and personal data required by the competent authority, in the scope of its conferred powers.

The visa issued by the Embassy or Consulate of Mexico can only be used during its validity, which starts at the date of issuance, and for just one entry to the country.

The foreigner holding a temporary or permanent residence visa must process in an office of the National Immigration Institute (INM), during the first thirty days of his/her entrance into Mexican territory, a residence card, which will confirm his/her legal stay in the country and will allow him/her to remain in Mexico.

The process to change your temporary or permanent residence visa for a residence card is explained in the following Internet link (only in Spanish): For a comprehensive explanation of this process, please refer to the following link: Please note that in the former link you can also start the process online.

The temporary resident card will be valid for one, two, three or four years, as approved by the INM. For minors three years old or less, it will be valid for one year.

All corresponding renewals will be requested at the INM, until four years are completed, counted since the resident condition was obtained.

The permanent resident card will have unlimited validity, except for alien minors three years of age or less, which must renew the card every year until the turn three years old. From this age and until the turn eighteen years old, the migratory document must be renewed every four years.

The resident card can be used for multiple entries during its validity.

The Mexican Embassies and Consulates cannot issue or renew resident cards. The process can only be done in Mexico, at the National Immigration Institute.

According to article 160 of the Regulations of the Immigration Law, an alien that is outside Mexico when the resident card that confirms his stay condition expires, may enter national territory with that card, as long as no more than fifty five days after its expiration date have elapsed. In these cases, no fines will be imposed and the renovation application form must be filed within the next five working days after his/her re-entry. Entrance into Mexico will not be allowed to alien holders of a card that expired more than fifty five days ago.


The application to authorize a temporary or permanent resident to carry out a paid job in Mexico must be submitted directly to the National Immigration Institute.