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Ordinary Thai passport holders need a Mexican visa to travel to Mexico.

For more information on how to obtain a Mexican Visa, click on the corresponding visa tap.


Please be informed that as of March 1st, 2017 all consular services; visas, passports, certificates issued upon request of interested party, civil registration, power of attorney, etc. will be provided exclusively for people who have made appointments through an online appointment system created by the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs: MEXITEL.

To schedule your appointment, you need to create a user account on the MEXITEL website.

For Spanish, please click here

For English, please click here


Please note that if you incorrectly schedule your appointment (with incomplete documents, wrong dates, wrong service, etc.), it will result in your not being able to submit your application, hence the need to reschedule through MEXITEL. 

Requirements for Tourist Visa






In case of minors or persons requiring legal guardianship, parents or legal guardians are required to be present and sign the visa application. 


If the visa application is delivered only by the father or mother, it is mandatory to submit a parental consent (issued by the District Registration Office, whose original and translation are legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) from the other parent. If minors or persons requiring legal guardianship attend by themselves or with someone different to their parents, it is mandatory to submit the same consent in which BOTH parents or legal guardian authorize the visa application.

Business Visa




  1. Documents in Thai or other languages need to be translated into English or Spanish.
  2. Visa fees are paid at the Embassy in Thai currency with exact cash amount.
  3. The Consular Section may request additional supporting documents.
  4. Fee: $36.00 USD.

Visitors holding a US visa

Please note that holders of a valid USA visa can be authorized at any port of entry by the migratory authorities to visit Mexico as tourist, business visitor or person in transit without holding a Mexican visa, regardless of their nationality.


To enter the country visitors must meet the following requirements:

Non-Thai Passports

Citizen from certain countries do not require a visa to travel to Mexico. Please check whether you have a passport from such countries. Click this link to learn more.

Information upon arrival


Visitors must obtain a landing card (FMM form) from the airline or at any port of entry in Mexico and complete this form with his/her individual information. The immigration officer will stamp the FMM card upon arrival. PLEASE KEEP IT IN A SAFE PLACE AND DO NOT LOSE IT. YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR THIS DOCUMENT AT YOUR DEPARTURE FROM MEXICO. The Mexican migratory authorities have the faculty to grant or deny the entry into Mexico if the visitor does not fully comply with the migratory regulations.