To this day, there are no entry restrictions in Mexico and no obligation to carry a COVID test or to do quarantine. However, it is mandatory to register on the Mexico Vuela Seguro Platform before boarding and to show the QR code at the arrival airport.

Check the current status of the pandemic in Mexico and follow the sanitary rules to prevent contagion (information only in Spanish).

The Embassy informs that, according to article 36 of the Migration Act, Mexicans will always have the right to enter Mexico and cannot be denied of that right.

If you are a foreigner, the Embassy informs that, the Mexican migration authorities are especially careful to verify the entry requirements foreseen in article 60 of the Migration Regulations ( Thus, the Mexican authorities are entitled to require, inter alia, following information: valid passport, visa (in case required), personal information, reason of travel, place of residence, address and period of stay in Mexico, date and form of transport to exit the country, invitation letters (in case of required), hotel reservations, subsistence means, etc.

Do I need a visa?

The general recommendation In Mexico and Switzerland is to avoid any kind of non-essential travel. Hence, if you decide to travel you do it on your own risk and with knowledge that the current situation can change immediately. In case your trip isn’t urgent, we suggest you avoid it.

Check the measures of the Swiss government for residents in the Swiss Confederation upon return from abroad.