Mexico's Tourism Promotion Board, whose main offices are in the U.K., is spearheading the promotion of tourism in its country to Swedes as well as Britons. The board's main goals for Sweden are to identify, promote and support tourism-related activities in Mexico to the fullest extent; to undertake events which encourage and encourage tourism in Mexico; to forge foreign alliances with direct and indirect partners in the tourism industry; and to advise individuals and corporations who offer tourism services in Mexico as to how to best present and sell their products to the European market.

The Embassy carries out several promotional activities on Mexico's behalf as a tourism destination, and they usually include representatives from the tourism industry, travel agencies and the media.

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Travelling to Mexico

Mexico offers a wide range of touristic destinations, which include beaches, historical sites, eco-adventure options, extreme sport opportunities, cultural routes, and more.

Mexico's territory covers an expanse of 1,964,375 km2, of which 11,122 km are coasts. There are currently 32 sites which have been named as cultural heritage by UNESCO; in addition to 170 archaelogical areas which are open to the public, 54 "magic" towns, cultural output from 52 different ethnic groups, and a number of national parks and protected national areas.

Mexico is a country with a 3,000-year-old history and a vibrant present. Currently its service industry enjoys a large infrastructure, which comprises some 623,000 hotel rooms, 14 AAA/diamond classed hotels, and 50 world-class golf courses.

There are various airlines offering regular flights from Sweden to Mexico. The flight takes around 14 hours. Moreover, it is possible to charter flights from Sweden to Mexico.

Mexico is pleasant to visit throughout the year. The variation in climate is so diverse that there can be a considerable difference in weather conditions throughout its regions. For example, Mexico City, which is located at a high altitude (2,200 meters above sea level), enjoys a more temperate weather than many cities on the coast, are known for their tropical climates.

  • Migration

Citizens belonging to the Schengen Area do not require a visa to travel to Mexico.

  • Currency

Mexican currency is the Peso, and its symbol is $. It is advisable to purchase U.S. dollars or traveller's cheques prior to departure. Major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, and American Express are accepted at most restaurants and commercial establishments.

  • Clothing

For travel to Mexico it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing. Tourists would like to visit cities located at a high altitude above sea level are encouraged to bring some clothing for colder climates. The rainy season in Mexico lasts from June to November, so windbreakers/raincoats and an umbrella are useful during this period.

  • Electricity

Electrical current in Mexico is the same as throughout North America: 110 volts. For the use of electric razors and hair dryers, it the purchase an adaptor is recommended (similar to those required for the U.S.). These may be found in airports.

  • Telephone

In order to call Mexico from another country one must dial 00 + 52 + (city area code) + phone number. National long distance within Mexico is 01 + (city code) + phone number.

  • Time Zone Difference

The time zone difference between Mexico and Sweden is 7 hours.

  • Transport

Distances within Mexico can be considerable. Flights are available for travel between most large cities.

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Mexico's land transportation system is very efficient. A variety of bus companies offer excellent service, especially those known as "first-class" buses, which include amenities such as air conditioning, beverages, and comfortable seating.

To book a reservation, please visit the following page:

Reservations and purchases may also be carried out from the bus companies' individual webpages.

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