The legalization of an official signature or seal can only be performed on foreign public documents intended to be effective in Mexico. All official documents from any country that is not a member of The Hague Apostille Convention must be LEGALIZED in order to be officially accepted and be fully valid in Mexico.

PROCEDURE for legalization of documents by the Embassy of Mexico:

a)   Present the document you wish to legalize bearing the stamp of the corresponding official authority in your country.
b)   Pay the corresponding fee in South African Rands, cash only.
C)   You can also request an appointment through MEXITEL, a free online appointment system, at the following link:
You will need to set up an account and choose the most suitable time for your appointment at the Consular Section of the Embassy. Once you have booked your appointment, the system will generate a confirmation letter, which you must bring with you to the Embassy on the day of your appointment. The letter can also be sent to the email account that you provide.
Early application is highly recommended. Please note that, if you wish to reschedule or if you miss your appointment, you will need to file a new request following the above procedure.

Documents issued by authorities from any country not a member of The Hague Convention must be presented directly to the Embassy in order to be legalized. Submission of documents is from 9:00 am to 11:00, Monday to Friday (except public holidays).
Turnaround time: between 2 and 5 working days.
Legalization is performed by the consular section of the Embassy of Mexico. However, the Embassy assumes no responsibility for the contents of the legalized documents.

NOTE: For South African official (public) documents to be legalized for use abroad, please check the following link.

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