During the last decades, and thanks to Mexico's rich nature, the interest for the so-called ecotourism has grown. Ecotourism, a tourism in harmony with nature, is another way of travelling and getting to know a different country. It combines the interest in preserving the nature with tourism and outdoor life. Excursions that include hiking, trekking and mountain biking are arranged more or less all over the country.

Mexico has many parks and natural reserves with one or more ecosystems, among these, the Copper Canyon (in Spanish, "Barrancas del Cobre"), which is four tmes the size of the Grand Canyon, and where Mexico's highest waterfall, "Cascada de Basaeachi", of 300 meters, lies. El Chico (in Hidalgo), Cañon del Sumidero (in Chiapas), Sierra de San Pedro Martir (in Baja California), Huatulco (in Oaxaca), and Las Lagunas de Zempoala (in Mexico and Morelos), are some other very interesting places to visit. Also should be mentioned the beautiful and fascinating springs of Hierve el Agua (in Oaxaca), which without a doubt is worth to visit.


For further information about the different Mexican National Parks, please log on to the National Commission of Protected Natural Reserves (Comision Nacional de Areas Naturales Protegidas) website, at


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