Mexico has become a major player in the travel and tourism industry and has scaled up five positions in the global tourism market over the past century. Nowadays, Mexico is ranked 7th place, receiving a total of 22.8 million tourists a year and is expected to beome the second fastest growing destination by 2013.

Mexico has participated in the international travel market for many years as a competitive destination not only because it offers quality services but originality and cultural richness as well, all this exemplified by the diversity of its major cities, colonial villages and archaeological sites located throughout the country. Mexico City, its capital, is itself an open-air museum; walking around the downtown is a delight for the human eye.

Our beach resorts are incentive travel destinations par excellence. the variety of its atractions, the quality of its services and the warmth of its people place Mexico's cities and resorts among the top choices of domestic and international travel planners.

Mexico offers plenty of Grand Tourism and Special Category hotels that will satisfy the most demanding market, and possesses many other equally interesting destinations that can fully satisfy the needs of the most exacting travellers and assure that their visit to this country wil be a positive experience that they will always remember.

In ecotourism and adventure travel Mexico has much to offer with 22 biosphere reserves, 47 national parks and 9 protected areas.


What can you find in Mexico?

Mexico is a country that possesses an enormous patrimony, natural as well as historical and cultural. Also, the country has a long tradition of tourism, and its tourism sector has increased in the last years and it is widely developed.

The country is a land of contrasts. It has it all: a very rich history and culture, a warm and pleasant climate, a varied geography, an impressive nature, a tasteful gastronomy and a friendly and obliging population... in few words: Mexico can fulfill all your wishes!


Mexico’s wide range of offers include:


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