Mexico and Singapore established diplomatic relations on December 22, 1975. Since then, bilateral relations between both countries have been rendered as fruitful and promising, due mostly to the compatibility and complementarity of their national interests.

In general, bilateral relations between Mexico and Singapore have developed under shared international positions and friendly terms, proof of which are the meetings held over the years between the leaders of both countries, as well as the increasing number of visits, interviews and exchanges performed by Government officials, businessmen, academic and cultural delegations, all of which have supported and helped tighten bilateral ties even further in their respective areas.

Although the countries' historical scales might be quite different (Mexico fast approaches its Bicentennial, whilst Singapore only recently commemorated its 40th Anniversary as an independent nation), there exist clear similarities between them as well as shared international interests. Both acknowledge each other as an important link in their respective world-view strategies.

Singapore provides Mexico with an open window of opportunities to the South East Asia region thanks to its leading position as a financial and business hub, as well as for being in the forefront in the development of information technology. On the other hand, Mexico is currently already one of Singapore's major trading partners in Latin America, and is able to offer a handful of areas to explore with plenty of potential, due to its strong and stable economic development and its ever increasing trading capacity.

The relationship between Mexico and Singapore can still be brought to higher levels by exploiting its true potential. The job of politicians and leaders in both countries inrecent years has been to drive Mexico and Singapore even closer together by means of deepening mutual knowledge.