The Embassy of Mexico to the OECS countries is overjoyed to congratulate the people and Government of Grenada for the official opening of the new House of Parliament, that took place in the new grounds today, June 21st.

The Ambassador of Mexico to the Eastern Caribbean States, H.E. Oscar Esparza-Vargas, participated in the ceremony with the representation of the Government of Mexico, in which he provided insights into the exemplary bilateral relationship enjoyed by the two countries. During his speech, Ambassador Esparza-Vargas emphasized that Mexico is committed to continue the development cooperation with Grenada that made possible the construction of this House of Parliament.

Mexico is the main cooperating partner in the construction of the House of Parliament, with a contribution of $13.5 million EC dollars to its construction.

For the Embassy and for the Government of Mexico, our participation in the construction of the Parliament and involvement in the development of Grenada in general, as well as of other Eastern Caribbean Countries, is a fundamental element of our efforts towards strengthening our relations with our Caribbean neighbours.

Other than the Parliament, Mexico’s development cooperation in Grenada includes technical and scientific capacity building. An example of this is Mexico’s training of more than 2000 nationals of Caribbean countries, including Grenadians, in a variety of areas including the development of the coconut industry and greenhouse technology.

In addition, Mexico offers scholarships for postgraduate education in virtually any field for Eastern Caribbean Students in various top public universities.

Furthermore, of notable relevance to the bilateral relation is the commitment of Mexico to the strengthening of Grenada’s resilience to Climate Change, as demonstrated by the Mexico-CARICOM Strategy for Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management and the Franco-Mexican Initiative to Support Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change in the Caribbean Nations. These two initiatives strive to provide increased capacity building efforts for the region on areas related to climate change, raise international awareness of the situation faced by Caribbean countries, and promote the mobilization of resources to the region.

In this regard, during the visit of the Ambassador, Mexico and Grenada finalized the signing of the Agreement for the Establishment of a Mechanism of Consultations on Matters of Common Interest between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Mexican States and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Granada.

Finally, the Embassy would like to thank the Government of Grenada for its kind gesture of naming the House of Parliament’s library as Mexico Library, to commemorate the close ties between the two countries.