1. Student visa (for a stay in Mexico for more than 6 months)COVID19
  2. All required documents must reflect complete name as shown in passport.

1. Original passport valid for at least six months and a clear photocopy of the first and last page (vertical).

2. Proof of legal stay in Romania (Visa copy or Resident card) in case the applicant is not a Romanian citizen.

3. Application form duly filled (printed in one page, double sided). (Download here).

4. One recent passport-sized photograph (4.5 CM X 3.5 CM), white background, without glasses. Face should cover 80% of the photo.

5. Original responsive letter from an organization or a public or private institution that invites the foreigner to participate in a non-lucrative activity in Mexico The letter should contain the following information:

  • Name of the University or Institution, address, official registration number
  • Complete name of the applicant/student (same as in the passport) and nationality.
  • Level of the course and area of studies
  • Name of the course or activity
  • Length of the course and dates
  • Cost of the course or activity

6. Documents proving economic solvency to cover the amount of the tuition and expenses for accommodation and meals during your stay in Mexico. ONE of the following supporting documents:


a) Original and copy of the three lasts bank statements or investments - the complete official statement month by month, with full name and address),  which reflect monthly income a minimum balance of 4700.00 Euros. The statements must be stamped by the issuing bank/financial institution and show the monthly balance of each and every month.

b) Original and copy of documents showing that the applicant has a job, pension or academic grant that yields a monthly income of 470.00 Euros after taxes during the previous three months. Income has to be substantiated by presenting payslips / scholarship payments and bank statements that match the deposit of that income into your bank account.

7. Payment of the consular fee: $40 USD (the payment must be in USD dollars, in cash and the exact amount). A receipt will be issued accordingly


  • Economic solvency can be satisfied by the student, his or her parents or whoever has the legal custody over the student, as long as he or she is not older than 25 years of age (in this case you must present a notarized letter that states who will cover your tuition and personal expenses). It can also be proved by original document attesting that the student has received a full scholarship or document issued by a bank or financial institution showing that counts with the appropriate financing.
  • Personal presence of the applicant is mandatory for biometric process and interview.
  • The Consular Section may request further forms of proof depending on each case.
  • Having a Mexican visa gives the possibility to travel to the country, but the entry to Mexican territory is subject to the final decision of the Immigration and Health Authorities in the country.