Passport holders of Romania, wishing to travel to Mexico on holidays, are exempted of visa and can be allowed to stay in the country up to 180 days.

To enter the country visitors must fulfil the following requirements:

• A valid Passport at the time of the intended date of entry to Mexico.

• Immigration authorities may request additional information such as: main destination, hotel accommodation, return ticket, proof of financial means (international credit cards, debit cards or traveller's cheques).

Note: Visitors must obtain a landing card (FMM form) on-line (, from the airline or at any port of entry in Mexico and complete this form with his/her individual information. The immigration officer will stamp the FMM card upon arrival. PLEASE KEEP IT IN A SAFE PLACE AND DO NOT LOSE IT. YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR THIS DOCUMENT AT YOUR DEPARTURE FROM MEXICO. The Mexican migratory authorities have the faculty to grant or deny the entry into Mexico if the visitor does not fully comply with the migratory regulations.

When you want to visit a friend residing in Mexico, you must present a letter of invitation from your friend.

A letter of invitation does not guarantee your entry to Mexico. Migration officers assess you to decide whether you meet the terms of Mexican's immigration law.

Information for the person writing the letter of invitation

Your friend must send this letter (notarized) to you.

The letter must include information about your friend: complete name, date of birth, address and telephone number in Mexico, job title, whether he/she is a Mexican citizen or permanent resident, a photocopy of a document proving his/her status in Mexico, such as: a passport, a Mexican citizenship card, if he/she are a naturalized citizen, or a permanent/temporary resident card.

The letter must include this information about you: complete name, date of birth, passport number, address and telephone number, your relationship to the person, the purpose of the trip, how long you will stay in Mexico, where you will stay, and how he/she (your friend) or you will pay for things, and when you plan to leave Mexico.

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