“Mexico Projects Hub”: Investment and Infrastructure




“Mexico Projects Hub” is an initiative of the Federal Government that provides information of the Country´s most important infrastructure and energy projects that require the participation of the private sector. This platform y operated by BANOBRAS. 



Why Mexico?

Mexico is the 14th largest economy in the world and the second largest in Latin America, ranking as one of the most attractive destinations for foreign direct investment in the region and among the main emerging markets due to different factors such as:

-          A privileged geographical location, rich in biodiversity and natural resources, that acts as a bridge between North America and Latin America, and between Europe and the Asia-Pacific Region

-          A young population (27 years average) with more than 120 million people, skilled and talented;

-          A solid, stable and open economy, committed to sound public finances, to an autonomous monetary policy, and to a permanent commercial liberalization process.

-          A favorable business environment, distinguished by cost competitiveness and legal certainty for domestic and foreign investors, within a profound transformation process triggered by Mexico’s most important constitutional reforms program.

-          A modern and growing infrastructure sector, whose objective is to make the country a worldwide logistic platform, thus offering great opportunities for investment and development.


BANOBRAS is currently focused in the attraction of long term capitals for the development of infrastructure projects in Mexico, especially on infrastructure and energy sectors.

Last July 2017, the governmental institution BANOBRAS took over the “General Management Office of Relations with Investors” (DGA) with the aim to promote investment projects along the country in different sectors and to attract long term capitals, national and international.

This DGA is in charge of the following activities through its three departments:

1.     Project organization.


a.      To support offices and entities of the public administration that don’t have experience in these kind of schemes with the design and implementation of Public-Private projects.

b.      To complement the financing offer to carry out studies through a project of startups.

c.      To enhance the implementation of  good international practices in the design and operation of projects to promote the participation of the public sector

Currently the DGA works in the formulation of new projects for the National Infrastructure Fund (FONADIN), the Tourism Secretary and the Airport Group of Mexico City.  

2.     Spreading of Opportunities.


a.      To consolidate a free project investment portfolio in infrastructure and energy: bilingual and standardized mode.

b.      To use of good international practices to offer information following the principles of opportunity, transparency and access to information.

c.      To maintain the information updated, on a daily basis.   


In March 2017 was presented the platform “Mexico Projects Hub” (http://www.proyectosmexico.gob.mx/en/projects-hub/)  which has received more than 2,500 visits per week concerning the development of infrastructure and energy projects in Mexico.  This is an effort without precedents and unique in its type. Currently, Mexico is the only country worldwide that has a platform of this type.

3.     Relation with investors.


a.      To promote specific projects and the infrastructure agenda of the country among national and foreign investors to expand access to funding sources.

b.      To boost the relationship between investors and projects, as well as between the different participants of the investment cycle (developers, funds, banks, consultants, etc.).

c.      To encourage the participation of multilateral financial institutions and organizations in projects, as well as to offer their technical assistance in the implementation processes.

Since March, it has been taking place multiple work tours to Australia, Singapur, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, USA, China, Japan, Korea and Uruguay, besides to five specialized forums and more than 100 working meetings to promote the link between investors and projects. There is a register module in the platform “Mexico Projects Hub” to enhance this work.