On Tuesday, July 23rd, a Mexican team of maths students visited the Mexican Embassy in London. After achieving excellent results at the International Mathematics Olympiad 2019 in the United Kingdom, where they obtained a silver medal, three bronze medals and two mentions honorary.

Bruno Gutiérrez Chavez, originally from Colima, obtained a silver medal; Ana Paula Jiménez Díaz and Tomás Cantú Rodríguez, both from Mexico City and first time participants, along with Eric Hernández Palacios, from Nuevo León, won bronze medals; Pablo Valeriano Quiroz also from Nuevo León, and Diego Hinojosa Téllez from Jalisco, both received a public mention.

Aníbal Gómez Toledo, Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy; ​Ambassador Aureny Aguirre, Permanent Alternative Representative to International Organizations; and, Rodrigo Meléndrez, Attaché for Education and International Cooperation, all expressed their appreciation for the outstanding performance of the team.

The medal of Ana Paula Jiménez is of exceptional value, since being the only woman in the team, she won the Maryam Mirzakhani award. She is demonstrating that in science, Mexican women have much to contribute.

Together the Mexican team achieved 111 points, ranking 41st among 112 countries.