Mexicans advised to avoid nonessential international travel

Health Ministry-Foreign Ministry Joint Press Release


The Government of Mexico advises that all Mexicans avoid nonessential international travel.  Several countries have taken restrictive measures based on their assessment of their local COVID-19 situation. Therefore, the number of people encountering logistical difficulties abroad has increased significantly. They are finding that flights have been canceled, or they need to change their route or their stopovers.

This situation will continue in the coming weeks. Mexicans abroad who intend to return to Mexico in the near future should consider using the commercial travel options available at this time. 

Any travelers who develop respiratory symptoms while traveling to Mexico (fever, cough, sneezing, general discomfort, headache, or difficulty breathing) must report to the international health team monitoring the situation at each point of entry into the country. Any traveler developing symptoms in the two weeks after entering Mexico should call 800-0044-800 and they will be assisted by trained personnel from the Health Ministry.

If you must travel abroad, you should follow the instructions of the local authorities who have assessed the conditions in their country.  The Mexican Health Ministry also recommends taking preventive personal hygiene measures and maintaining a clean and healthy environment, including frequent hand washing, eating well-cooked food and drinking disinfected or bottled water. More information is available at

Mexico's embassies and consulates abroad will continue to provide assistance to all Mexicans requesting it.  If you need to change your return route, they can provide information on routes that are potentially available and on the procedures put in place by airlines and other carriers.  They can help contact family and acquaintances. The Foreign Ministry is able to assess and also assist with vulnerable cases.  More information on various international destinations is available at

The Government of Mexico endorses the recommendations of the World Health Organization on how to respond to COVID-19 and calls on the international community to comply with them in accordance with the International Health Regulations. The government also reiterates its commitment to providing consular assistance and protection to all Mexicans who have an emergency abroad.