LONDON, United Kingdom, 31st March 2016.- Mexico, represented by the Consumer Federal Attorney (PROFECO, for its acronym in Spanish), as a member of the Pacific Alliance participated in the Secondment Programme “Group of Consumer Protection”, coordinated by the FCO.

From 14th – 18th March, the group integrated by delegations of the countries member of Pacific Alliance (México, Colombia, Chile and Peru), participated in multiple sessions with British experts, in order to stimulate the exchange and feedback of the mechanisms implemented for the consumer protection in their respective countries.

Likewise, the United Kingdom has launched a series of initiatives in different areas in order to be more attached and tighten its commitment as an observer State at the Pacific Alliance, being considered as the most active.

As part of their working-visit, Ambassador of Mexico, Diego Gomez-Pickering, welcomed them at the Embassy and held a meeting where they shared their recent experiences, having planned to apply them in the planning and implementation of the consumer protection policies.