WARWICK, England, 22nd March 2016.- The Ambassador of Mexico Diego Gomez-Pickering achieved a working-visit to The University of Warwick, where it was analysed the possible ways to boost the mobility of Warwick students to Mexican universities.

With that purpose, the diplomat attended a working-lunch which was hosted by Professor Pam Thomas, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of The University of Warwick and also met with Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, Chairman of Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG).

Likewise, he exchanged points of view with Professor Christopher James, Researcher of Biomedical Engineering of the School of Engineering who has been collaborating with researchers at the Research Centre for Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation at the Mexican Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM), on the instrumentation required in the early diagnosis of diabetes.

During his visit to Warwick, on 17th March, he also met Helen Johnson, Director of Study Abroad and Global Engagement, with whom he agreed in the necessity to seek an increase in the number of British youngsters interested in studying in Mexican education institutions.

Previously, Gomez-Pickering offered the Conference entitled ‘Internet, Participation and Society: Opportunities for the Global South’, organised by Warwick Mexican Society, in which he mentioned that 54 million of Mexicans –almost 50% of Mexico’s population- use the Internet approximately six hours a day, with an average age under 35 years old.

In addition, he recalled that the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice recently determined that the use of Internet is a basic service for the development of our country, comparable to the use of water or electricity.

“They explained that Internet allow users to have information at their fingertips, including cultural and scientific knowledge, anywhere in the world, contributing to the progress of our community", he finally added.