LONDON, United Kingdom, 10th November 2015.- In order to demonstrate the academic potential of the biggest and foremost education institution in Mexico, the exhibition entitled ‘UNAM, Today’ was held by the Centre for Mexican Studies of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in King’s College London.

The event celebrated on the 2nd November at the Weston Room of the Maughan Library of King's College London, was attended by academics, researchers, alumni and representatives of the Embassy of Mexico, headed by Ambassador Diego Gomez-Pickering, who recalled the importance of UNAM, with more than 450 years of existence and boasting over than 400,000 students, academics and administrative staff.

Accompanied by Tayyeb Shah, Director of International at King’s College London and Dr. Luis Duran-Arenas, Director of the Centre for Mexican Studies, the diplomat highlighted that the Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom will remain in history due to the opening of the Centre for Mexican Studies of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in King's College London. “Projects like this are exactly what the celebration of the Dual Year between Mexico and the United Kingdom was intended for: bring together their governments, institutions, and peoples for the enrichment of our already deep friendship.”

On the other hand, Roberto Castañon, Director of the Foreigners Teaching Centre at UNAM, said that it was noteworthy to mention that the university provides free world-class education through 14 high schools and six major university campuses in Mexico, offering over 150 undergraduate programmes and nearly 70 postgraduate options.

The Centre for Mexican Studies was inaugurated in London as part of an agreement between the two universities signed this past March by the Rector of UNAM, Dr Jose Narro-Robles, and the Principal of King's College, Edward Byrnes, and witnessed by the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.

The Centre for Studies is the 8th of these offices around the world and it sums to the existing offices in EE.UU., Canada, Spain and France.