LONDON, United Kingdom, 3rd December 2014.- A Roundtable on Energy Reform in Mexico was held at Canning House to discuss the scope, importance and investment possibilities, arising from its application.


Duncan Wood, an energy expert and Director of the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center in Washington DC; Rob Capurro, CEO of Canning House and Carlos Bellorin, energy analyst focused on Latin America, exchanged points of view of the Secondary Laws for the Mexican Energy Reform and the main challenges of its implementation.


Mr. Wood stated that the success of the reform will pass because of the necessity of indispensable human capital, strengthen the rule of law in Mexico and ensure transparency of institutions.


In the event, organised on 27th November, as part of Canning House events to promote Latin America as a destination for trade and investment, panellists agreed that Mexico's new legislation represents a historic change that can accelerate the economic growth and development over the coming years, as it opens the door to private investment and advanced technology; which will increase the production of energy –ideally- in a transparent, efficient, competitive and sustainable way.