MEXICO CITY, 11th January 2015.- In order to strengthen the competences in zones where Mexico has got a diplomatic mission and continue positioning our country as a member of the group of 20 countries which are building the world stage, these are part of the objectives set in the XXVII meeting of Ambassadors and Consuls 2016, held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 4th to 8th January.

Ambassadors, Consuls and Deputy Heads of Mission will expand its vision to foresee the political, technological and social changes that exist in the geopolitical context and also be receptive to the possibility of strengthening their skills, which are paramount to fulfil the mandate of the President of Mexico: to be agents of change, able to add and positively influence international policies for the benefit of Mexicans.

The international social phenomenology requires rethinking paradigms in order to care for the agenda between the nations, which requires Mexico to assume its global responsibility for achieving peace and prosperity in the regions, and to continue its development, being a country of institutions, committed with human rights and the rule of law.

The XXVII Meeting of Ambassadors and Consuls 2016, brought together over 150 representatives of Mexican diplomacy in different countries and cities of the world, where regional meetings were held: Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa, as well as the Middle East, Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights.

There were carried out workshops linked to information technologies, which use can allow a diverse and international audience to communicate and interact constantly and continuously with content of interest, elements that have transformed the idea of conducting foreign policy of countries, which intention is to use digital tools in favour of a more dynamic and effective diplomacy as well as closer to the people.

The National Gastronomy Promotion Policy was explained –for being part of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List- as an area of opportunity for promoting culinary diversity that exists in the country, where the National Policy for the Promotion of National Gastronomy was presented, in order to make the sector more integrated and dynamic, a fact that is reflected in an economic platform for broad social benefit and a fundamental element for the Nation’s Brand.

Investment Opportunities in Mexico were also discussed, an issue on which specialists on hydrocarbons, infrastructure and other strategic sectors; analysis of the current situation in Mexico and the world in technological, economic and political issues , as well as the transformation of the country, structural reforms undertaken by the President of Mexico and its impact on the development of the country.

To expose on "The Role of Media in Mexico Today" it was attended by journalists and political analysts, who offered a vision of the importance of print, audio-visual and digital media, as well as its use to project activity of the Ministry and the representations of Mexico abroad.

During the days of the meeting of Mexican diplomats, geopolitical perspectives were analysed, in order to meet aspects of the various dimensions of globalisation, its political and economic governance, in this complex and less predictable world.

The XXVII Meeting of Ambassadors and Consuls 2016 also was attended by governors, academic researchers and specialists in diplomatic matters as well as the Secretaries of State, Miguel Angel Osorio-Chong, of the Interior; the head of the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit, Luis Videgaray-Caso; and Public Education, Aurelio Nuño-Mayer.

It was also attended by secretaries of Tourism, Enrique de la Madrid-Cordero; National Defence, General Salvador Cienfuegos-Zepeda; and the Navy, Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberon-Sanz; and Ximena Puente de la Mora, President Commissioner of the National Institute for Access to Information, with his presentation "The main provisions of the General Law of Transparency and Access to Public Information", followed by the Secretary of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo-Villarreal, and Culture, Rafael Tovar y de Teresa.

Along with them, the holders of Banobras, Abraham Zamora; ProMéxico, Francisco Gonzalez-Diaz; and the Federal Electricity Commission, Enrique Ochoa-Reza, among others.

The XXVII Meeting of Ambassadors and Consuls concluded with a meeting led by President Enrique Peña Nieto, at the National Palace.