LONDON, United Kingdom, 07th April 2015.- A seminar which tends to explore academic life and literature of the Mexican writer Octavio Paz in the United Kingdom will take place on Monday.


The event, where three roundtables will take place at the British Library, in the framework of the programme of Mexico as guest country in the London Book Fair will address the detail of ties and academic life of the awarded Nobel Prize in Literature when he served as a professor at the University of Cambridge, in the early decade of the 70's.


A group of experts on the topic will analyse at the symposium how the British experience influenced and impacted on his literary career as well as academic, professional and social ties that he developed during his vacancy in the UK.


The prolific Mexican author began publishing poetry during his adolescence, influenced by Pablo Neruda. He lived in the U.S. and Europe where he was also motivated by the surrealist movement. In 1950, the publication of the Labyrinth of Solitude positioned him as a first class literary figure and received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1990.


The conference on Octavio Paz -who was also awarded the Cervantes Prize in 1981- will take place from 14:00 to 17:00 at the British Library, located in Euston Road, NW1 2DB.


In the evening, from 19:45 to 21:00 hrs will be held a dialogue between Enrique Krauze -one of the most distinguished writers in Mexico- and Gaby Wood, literary critic of The Telegraph, on English literature and Mexico. Krauze, an eminent intellectual historian, essayist and cultural critic, collaborated with Octavio Paz in the magazine Vuelta for over two decades and subsequently founded the cultural magazine Letras Libres.


Krauze will share his thoughts on Mexican literature, politics and culture.


These activities are part of the literary programme of the Year of Mexico in the UK 2015. For more information, please check the website of the Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom 2015 ( or the website of the British Library (


If you are interested in attending, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.