LONDON, England, 26th May 2014.- In order to promote Mexican culture and highlighting the richness of Mexican Literature, the Embassy of Mexico to the United Kingdom tonight launched the new English edition of Tedi Lopez Mills’ narrative poem Death on Rue Augusta.

Ambassador Diego Gomez Pickering spoke of the work of Mexican author, essayist and translator Tedi Lopez Mills, expressing his hope that it will become a means of conveying the beauty, impact and identity of Mexico to an emerging British readership of Mexican literature.

The Ambassador explained how the printed word can open the mind of the reader to themes such as tolerance, diversity and respect for other cultures; values shared by countries such as Mexico and the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

He also recalled great Mexican writers who have successfully combined writing with diplomatic life, including Octavio Paz, Carlos Fuentes, Alfonso Reyes and Sergio Pitol.

At the Official Residence of Mexico in the United Kingdom, the Ambassador recalled  with pride the fact that Mexican publishing will be showcased at the London Book Fair 2015 as part of the “Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom” and “Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico”, building upon the recognised creativity of those Mexican writers already established in the British market.

Tedi Lopez Mills’ Death on Rue Augusta won the prestigious writers’ prize Xavier Villaurrutia Award, in 2009.  Lopez Mills has also gained international recognition with other works of poetry including Segunda persona, Contracorriente and Parafrasear and has published two collections of essays, La Noche en Blanco de Mallamé and Libro de las Exploraciones, which won the Antonin Artaud Prize in 2013.

Lopez Mills is married to Alvaro Uribe, who has more recently enjoyed a distinguished diplomatic career in the Foreign Service.