LONDON, United Kingdom, 20th January 2015.- It will be presented in this capital city a book about Tezcatlipoca revealing new insights about the most important deity in the Aztec culture.


In the coming presentation in Canning House -a centre dedicated to stimulate understanding and engagement between Britain and the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian world-  Dr. Elizabeth Baquedano Mesa, editor of the book entitled ‘Tezcatlipoca: Trickster and Supreme Deity’, will explain that for over eight chapters the volume contributes with  archaeological evidence to study the also known as Lord of the Smoking Mirror.


Baquedano, archaeologist and professor at the Faculty of Social Historical Sciences of UCL, will describe how the Iconographic and textual resources from sixteenth-century chroniclers and codices have contributed greatly to the understanding of Aztec religious beliefs and practices


This book, contributes to the interlocking complexities of Tezcatlipoca’s nature, multiple roles, and metaphorical attributes illustrate the extent to which his influence penetrated Aztec belief.


It is noteworthy to recall that Baquedano, who is distinguished by its links to the British Museum –as an Aztec culture specialist- and that also wrote another book dedicated to the Aztec, Inca and Maya civilizations, received last September from the Ambassador of Mexico Diego Gomez-Pickering the Ohtli recognition awarded by the Government of Mexico for the work done -voluntarily- to promote the country overseas and that has left a path to be follow by new generations of Mexicans living abroad. The word Ohtli means "path" in the Nahuatl language, whose codices roads with footprints are indicated.


The book referred, printed by the University Press of Colorado, examines the results of archaeological investigations –objects like obsidian mirrors, gold, bells, public stone monuments, - and reveals new insights into the supreme deity of the Aztec pantheon and his role in Aztec culture.